Malachi’s Message Foundation is a nonprofit organization
that exists to raise awareness, bring about change, and financially assist those impacted by toxic mold.


In acknowledging the persistent issue of toxic mold, it is imperative to recognize that its presence has been downplayed and overlooked over the course of several decades. The profound and often underestimated adverse effects it inflicts on various aspects of life demand our attention.

Malachi’s Message is dedicated to shedding light on the harsh realities associated with toxic mold by extending support to those who have endured its perilous consequences. Our mission is rooted in creating awareness about the far-reaching impact of toxic mold, aiming to break the silence that has surrounded this issue for too long.


The detrimental consequences of toxic mold extend beyond the loss of property; individuals and families are confronted with the tragic loss of both their homes and belongings, as well as their health, and in some cases, the lives of their loved ones.

By fostering awareness, we aspire to cast a spotlight on construction practices and legal reforms essential for guaranteeing the creation of safe and healthy living environments. It is our hope that this awareness will serve as a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that homes and buildings prioritize the well-being of individuals and families.


Navigating the unexpected shifts resulting from the impact of toxic mold not only triggers negative mental and emotional processes but also imposes significant financial challenges on affected individuals and families.

Malachi’s Message recognizes these multifaceted challenges and extends a helping hand by offering financial assistance programs. Individuals and families facing the aftermath of toxic mold exposure can apply for this support, alleviating the undue financial strain and empowering them to overcome the hurdles in rebuilding their families and restoring their health.


The Foundation is named after one of the founder’s sons who passed from a terminal birth defect due to his mother’s toxic mold exposure. The biblical meaning of the name Malachi is, “our angel and our messenger”.

We chose the name Malachi to honor him as well as we saw it fitting; because we hope this foundation can be the angel of assistance for the people our foundation serves as well as a message of hope that they are not alone and that they will recover, while also spreading awareness on how mold can devastate a person’s health and wealth.

Why We Exist


Kim - Mom of Toy Replacement

“Organizations like this push a sense of normalcy and pride back into the lives of parents who have felt hopeless and in despair.”  

Abby H. - Mold Assessment Reimbursement

“…getting your check and kind note in the mail, was such a relief and a blessing. Thank you for what ya’ll do – you truly do not understand how life altering this experience has been… we are humbled and will always be grateful.”

Allison Shea - Mom of Toy Replacement

“Tomorrow we start our new adventure in our safe home, and our boys will not be without toys.”

Anonymous Recipient of Assistance

“Thank you so much to the donors and to the organizers for being on the front lines of this epidemic that plagues so many silently.”

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