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Four Seasons Hotel Austin offers 294 spacious guest rooms and suites with exceptional views of the lake or Austin cityscape in the heart of downtown Austin.

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After illness, loss, and an unsuccessful remediation, the Gilliam’s felt called to leave their business of 30 years to become the remediation company they wished they’d been able to find.

Restore and Renew takes a holistic approach to mold remediation, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of a healthy home. With a dedicated team of trained employees, we approach each project systematically, working to solve known problems and identify any potential areas of future growth.

It is considered our greatest joy to watch our beloved clients return home to a safe space where they can thrive.

1 Peter 5:10

Just Well Law led by Kristina Baehr aims to serve clients as they pursue recovery of their own health and financial well being.

​Just Well Law believes in the rule of law and a system that holds wrongdoers responsible for the harm they cause. They believe that financial compensation allows the wrongdoer to make amends; and that those who are harmed are entitled to the maximum recovery allowed by law.

Kristina is a national trial lawyer and a fierce advocate. After Princeton and Yale Law, She worked my way up the ranks to partner at a national trial firm. These teams represented clients against big pharma and tech companies in state, federal and international courts, and their victories led to over $1 billion in revenue for their clients. Kristina then transitioned to the US Attorneys’ Office, where she represented federal agencies like the Army, Air Force, and VA in personal injury and employment cases.

And when tragedy hit Kristina’s family, she built the personal injury firm she couldn’t find. Kristina handles cases in Texas and advise and consult on exposure cases around the country. She also represents military families in federal court.

At Flatiron Functional Medicine we believe that you can achieve optimal health regardless of the presence or absence of disease. Building on our philosophy of loving people first, we strive to create an environment filled with hope and healing. As we listen carefully to your concerns, we partner with you to create a personalized treatment plan focused on treating the root cause of an illness and empowering your body to begin the innate healing process.
Fighting Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is of utmost importance for the well-being of individuals affected by this debilitating condition. CIRS can have profound impacts on physical and mental health. By addressing and combating CIRS, Well Built Tiny Homes aim to alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life, and promote overall wellness. At Well Built Tiny Homes, they recognize the significance of this fight and are dedicated to crafting resilient structures that facilitate healing, comfort, and a renewed sense of well-being for individuals battling CIRS.
The owners of Texas Mold Inspectors (TMI) got into this industry because they experienced Mold themselves and wanted to help people the way they wished someone would have helped them. TMI has grown to be one of the best and most trusted in the industry, specializing in building litigation cases. They are recognized and referred to by attorneys, doctors, clients and the good contractors. They have established over 150 cases for those seeking damages against the responsible parties.

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The dog obedience training methods used at K9 Mastery are based on traditional balanced German training philosophies that have produced the best and most reliable dogs the world has ever seen. These methods are highly disciplined and effective. These methods reject the use of treats in training and focus on the development of the owner into the Master of their dog. 

It is their belief that every dog needs a job, and every dog needs a Master. Dogs thrive on structure and discipline, and through our balanced training methods you will see your dog flourish, become happier, have more fun, and become more bonded to you than ever before. 

Carpenter Law

The Law Office of Kurt W. Carpenter, PLLC helps real estate investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs in the Houston area who are in need of excellent legal assistance. Attorney Kurt Carpenter focuses on Houston business and real estate law. Their office understands the legal issues facing business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs in Houston because they also invest heavily in this market. 

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Analytics Global has developed a patented process for DIY collection of mold mycotoxins from surfaces.  Test prices start at $96.  The Mycotoxin wipe detects up to 11 families of mycotoxins (up to 20 compounds). The Mold DNA ScanTM (HC45) is a similar DIY test which is an improvement over the ERMI test.  It quantifies 45 important species of mold from indoor environments. 

To learn more you can go to or head over to our website shop (shop link here) where you can purchase either of these products.

A percentage of each wipe purchased through Malachi’s Message shop will be donated back to the Foundation.

BioTex professional mold inspection, mold detection, and mold testing services ensure you are doing everything you can to protect your health and property. It is important to them that you have the best experience, which includes protection against conflicts of interest. That is why BioTex does not perform mold remediation and why our mold inspectors are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as Mold Assessment Consultants.

CIRS Support Fund Corporate Donors

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Jenny Johnson and Simplified Wellness Designs, LLC have a mission and heart for providing the much-needed ancillary support for patients and families navigating CIRS. Jenny is a pediatric physical therapist with a degree in Biology from Duke University who fell ill to CIRS with her family of four in 2015.
Following her family’s complete recovery using the Shoemaker Protocol and principals of Functional Medicine, she went on to pursue professional trainings and board certifications as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Shoemaker Proficiency Partner so that she could pivot her career and serve as a CIRS Coach & Consultant, Support Group Facilitator, and Patient Educator, providing virtual services worldwide.  Jenny and her family experienced much of the loss, overwhelm, invalidation and misdirection that is unfortunately so common in the CIRS community, and it is her aim to prevent or minimize this unnecessary suffering for the clients she works with. 


The CIRS Healing Collective is a month-to-month patient support group that Jenny has been facilitating since early 2020 as a way of bringing together emotional support, validation, camaraderie and continuously updated and evidence-based CIRS information at an accessible cost. You are not alone, and we are always welcoming new members!


Equipped to Overcome CIRS is Jenny’s beloved 12-module program that holds the hands of CIRS patients as they navigate the path of overcoming CIRS from A-Z. It is offered as both a self-paced course and a cohort-based live program. It covers everything from how to properly screen oneself for CIRS, how to pursue a formal diagnosis and find a suitable doctor, how to explain our illness to others, how people pay for this, what to expect with medical treatment, how to effectively navigate the inspection, remediation and small particle cleaning process, how to make decisions regarding our personal belongings, planning a “mold move” or new construction, tips for traveling with CIRS and managing everyday exposures, what we can do to cultivate inner safety in our limbic and autonomic nervous system, how to safely improve our exercise tolerance, sleep hacks, CIRS dietary considerations, and much more. Jenny opens registration for live cohorts every other month, and the self-paced, pre-recorded version is available at any time!

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Realtor Jennifer Carpenter

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Your Tiny Adventure

Our names are Caden and Olivia. Tiny Home living has changed our lives in more ways than we ever imagined and we are so excited to help guide you through this process and make it as simple as possible. We spent so much time and money researching information and talking to specialists to make our tiny home an effective space for us as well as a safe indoor environment. We wished that there was one place where all of this information lived in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. Unfortunately, we were unable to find something like this for our building process, so we decided to make one! Our mission is to help others bring their tiny home dreams to life with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide!

Why Your Donation Matters

Over half of the homes and buildings in the USA are said to have water damage and mold, with Texas leading the way as being the most affected state. One quarter of the USA population also is said to carry a gene that makes them more susceptible to falling ill to mold exposure.

That’s 1 in 2 homes (1 in 2 families) that may need financial assistance for remediation, potentially temporary housing and restoration of their belongings.

That is also, 1 in 4 people that may need financial assistance to restore their health, their belongings and assistance for temporary housing if they become exposed to toxic mold.

Help people affected by toxic mold by donating today!