Sherry Wong
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We are heartbroken and lost everything including our health to a rental that we nearly died in due to landlord negligence which led to a severe toxic mold infestation. We still have not received medical care to treat the mold sickness because insurance does not cover mold treatment and mold treatment is very expensive I also have an eviction now on my record because in order to get us out of the mold house I had to not pay rent and that was the only thing the landlord responded to was not getting paid yet he could have cared less about how sick the house and his negligence was making us and that we nearly died. Having an eviction means we cannot get a proper rental and we are having to stay in hotels which are much more expensive than a normal long-term rental. All of my money is now having to go toward keeping us housed each month and therefore I am not able to save at all for any kind of mold treatment for me and my two children. I’ve spent a small fortune just paying for testing to prove the mold in my system and in the old rental home we were in and what it has done to me and how ill it has made me and to find out ho we can possibly get better…but in finding out that the treatment for mold which is hyperbaric treatment, costs thousands for just one person, and that insurance doesn’t cover any of it, that is not something I can afford with the situation we’ve been put in and everything we’ve been through already. The mold has rendered me completely nonfunctioning with severe dizziness, nausea, migraines, unbelievably painful anxiety, inability to think, an MRI revealed brain swelling, I have a barely functioning brain. I also now suffer from severe digestive issues because we were exposed to raw sewage coming up in the mold house and on the lawn due to the landlord not having been willing to replace all the piping that should have been replaced. I am seeking help with anything any one can offer as I’m not able to buy my kids toys, clothes, anything of necessity because all that I have every month goes to pay for the hotel to keep a roof over our head. If we ever get better I hope to advocate for people like me who have had such a hard time finding resources to help with what this experience has done to our lives and also to be able to have easier access to mold treatment which really should be covered by insurance. I pray that my message touches people who have taken the time to read this. It was very difficult to write this, it’s taken weeks for me to be able to put into writing even a hint of what our story is because I’m in so much pain and we’re just suffering so heavily with so many burdens due to this mold house experience. Any amount you can help with would be grately appreciated. It’s difficult wanting to do so much but being blocked every day from being able to do anything because of how debilitating toxic mold illness is.

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