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Toxic Mold Sucks 

When people are in the thick of it, with mold exposure, they often feel alone and crazy.            Toxic Mold Sucks was created with the intent to help a person not feel alone (by hearing others stories) and not feel crazy (by gaining knowledge from experts in the industry). 




 Highlighted Toxic Mold Sucks Podcast Episodes

Executive Director of Malachi's Message

Elizabeth’s family thought they were giving their children a better life by moving out of a studio apartment into a 2 bedroom apartment. The 8 months in the apartment ended with hundreds of doctors visits, chronic illness and homelessness.

Brandon Cloud

Hear as two husbands, fathers, and mold survivors talk about Brandon’s life before mold. They dive into the raw imperfect journey Brandon waded through in reconciling that life as he knew it would never be the same. 

Keri Huth - Open Conversation about Marriage and Mold

Keri is a wife, mom and woman who has seen the worst of what mold can do. Mold caused her family to move repeatedly, it caused major illness and tension in her marriage; ending in divorce. She has such a heart for people seeing the real side of mold. How it caused her to stop sleeping in the same bed as her spouse. She shares in a VERY REAL and RAW way. 


Jenipher Jasper is an Intuitive Wellness Guide and owner of Jenipher Wellness. She helps people who are overwhelmed and struggling achieve whole health and healing in a toxic world. By using alternative modalities like intuitive guidance and bioresonance feedback Jenipher is able to guide people from a toxic lifestyle to a lifestyle of health and healing. 


 Highlighted Toxic Mold Sucks: Stories Videos

Emily Rachal

Malachi’s Message Co-Founder shares her family’s story of loss and journey towards hope.

Allison Shea: Military Edition

Allison Shea, military wife, shares an honest and upfront account of their experience in Military Housing.

Greenfield's Autism Awareness

Chris and Christina Greenfield share their journey with their daughter being diagnosed with Autism. Their Journey to the diagnosis of Autism actually led the family to find that their home had toxic mold. There were many bumps and valleys along the way. They went through deep sadness, sorrow, grief, denial. They fought for answers with a fierce passion out of a place of total love for their daughter.

Dave & Deb Nieuwsma

Co-Founder Elizabeth’s Cripe parents share their experience walking through mold with their adult child. They talk about how they wondered if Elizabeth was simply, “crazy” and how their perspective has changed.

Highlighted Toxic Mold Sucks: Expert Episodes

Dr. Jill Crista

Dr. Jill Crista gives tips on what to do if you’re still living in mold. She talks about how mold is mean, diet, essential oils, mattresses, dusting with dancing and so much more!

Dr. Kasey Holland

Dr. Kasey is a licensed Naturopathic doctor, she believes that your health is made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components. In this video she dives into “What is Mold Illness?”

Dr. Teresa Scott DDS

In one of our most detailed interviews, Dr. Teresa Scott goes through how toxic exposure impacts not only a persons dental health, but also how a person’s dental health can give you a holistic lense to your body’s health.