We know that when people experience mold exposure and all of its side effects they often feel alone and crazy. We are hoping that people will feel less alone and not crazy through the Peer to Peer Online Support Group.

Join the conversation on the second Tuesday of every month, with a topic based discussion or during the one Friday of each month that is an open conversation style meeting.


Cristina Greenfield

Cristina is a lawyer by trade who saw firsthand the devastation that mold can bring on a family. She has since become an advocate for those walking their mold journey, specifically in regards to studying building science and encouraging others to be equally empowered to seek out necessary knowledge and resources.

Jenipher Jasper

Jenipher Jasper is the founder and owner of Jenipher Wellness. Jenipher is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Intuitive. She is very aware of how trauma and grief impact a person’s body in a holistic manner. Jenipher also has experience leading online support groups in the mold arena.

Emilee Brown

Emilee Brown is a public health advocate whose family was harmed by mold in military housing during her husband’s service. Emilee began a journey in understanding the impact of trauma and works with veterans through equine-assisted learning.

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Join a pivotal community of monthly givers.

There will be a day when toxic mold is recognized and people won’t need financial assistance.

Until that day, help us give hope, through assistance, to one family at a time.