We know that when people experience mold exposure and all of its side effects they often feel alone and crazy. We are hoping that people will feel less alone and not crazy through the Peer to Peer Online Support Group.

Join the conversation on the second Tuesday of every month, with a topic based discussion or during the one Friday of each month that is an open conversation style meeting.

2024 Facilitators

Jenipher Jasper

Jenipher Jasper is the founder and owner of Jenipher Wellness. Jenipher is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Intuitive. She is very aware of how trauma and grief impact a person’s body in a holistic manner. Jenipher also has experience leading online support groups in the mold arena.

Tamekia Watts

Tamekia is a certified Life Coach and Finance Consultant. She holds an MBA and has mentored/advised individuals and teams in various industries. She utilizes a Holistic approach to Life Coaching, which incorporates consideration for the whole person including the mind, body and spirit connection. She is a survivor of family trauma, domestic violence, depression, toxic relationships, toxic mold exposure, and unethical corporate practices among other roadblocks in life. She lives with chronic illness and continues to overcome challenge in life through Conscious/Awakened living. She enjoys pending time with her family, walking, traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, exploring new places, organizing/planning, dancing, laughing, and being the not-so-funny comedian.

Barbie Sparks

Barbara (Barbie) Sparks in a aspiring Functional Nutrition Coach, graduating in March 2024. From her early adult years, doctors had no answers to her chronic debilitating health issues spurred on by mold exposure. She knows first-hand the high-stress life of PANS, Tourette’s, and chronic pain with her own children. Seeing her husband’s health deteriorate before her eyes ignited more fire for learning. Barbie’s passion is to provide empathy to those who are hurting from toxic mold exposure, find additional root causes for their chronic inflammation, and guide them gently back to a happy healthy life. May we all find our “inner spark” we once had and see ourselves with renewed strength and resilience.

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Join a pivotal community of monthly givers.

There will be a day when toxic mold is recognized and people won’t need financial assistance.

Until that day, help us give hope, through assistance, to one family at a time.