Military Families Matter


Malachi’s Message wants to give back to those who have faithfully served or are serving our great country.

Malachi’s Message is raising funds for Military Families as they face a time of crisis related to unsafe housing conditions.

 “The Army said inspectors had visited 49 bases, and found that residents at 48 of them reported concerns over safety and environmental issues…The top concerns were mold, lead-based paint, asbestos, poor water quality and exposure to sewage.”(NY Times)

“The first unexplained infant death at Fort Bragg occurred in February 2007. Three children from three different families died in a single home.” (ProPublica)

“Lenz calculates that by the time everything is factored in, including moving costs and costs to replace mold-contaminated belongings, rental deposits, mold testing and medical expenses that weren’t covered by insurance, they will have paid more than $33,000.”(

The need is urgent as many have not only lost their personal possessions but also their health. All funds raised will go towards helping Military Families (Active and Veteran) hire Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant. This is the first step in identifying if the homes being lived in are safe and healthy.  

Donate today to help these military families get the funds and thus the answers they need to know if they are living in a safe living environment.

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The funds donated here are ONLY for Military Families (Active and Veterans) to receive assistance with ONLY a home mold assessment performed by a licensed mold assessment consultant.

To donate towards them, and others, receiving assistance for (medical bills, temporary housing, toy replacement, furniture replacement, home remediation and clothing replacement) please donate via our other forms of donating.

How the Process Works:


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Why Your Donation Matters

Over half of the homes and buildings in the USA are said to have water damage and mold, with Texas leading the way as being the most affected state. One quarter of the USA population also is said to carry a gene that makes them more susceptible to falling ill to mold exposure. That’s 1 in 2 homes (1 in 2 families) that may need financial assistance for remediation, potentially temporary housing and restoration of their belongings. That is also, 1 in 4 people that may need financial assistance to restore their health, their belongings and assistance for temporary housing if they become exposed to toxic mold.

Help people affected by toxic mold by donating today!

Join a pivotal community of monthly givers.

There will be a day when toxic mold is recognized and people won’t need financial assistance.

Until that day, help us give hope, through assistance, to one family at a time.