Melissa McMahan

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2020… The year our world turned upside down. It started out with my family coming down with Covid. I had it the worst and even spent some time in the hospital. I lost contract I had for 15 years and life as we knew it changed! We struggled to get over Covid for months. Because of the financial burdens we were facing, we bought a property in the mountains with a small cabin and 2 story unfinished structure. We planned to make into a tiny home. Not long after we started staying in the cabin and working on the tiny house build, we began getting so sick. Doctors told us it was Covid long haulers. My husband and I were having neurological problems. He was having serious memory issues and mold rage. I became bedridden. My joints were like noodles and I was falling down all the time. I gained 30 pounds in a month when they tried a medication for tachycardia. I itched non stop, had a rash, swollen eyes, and a cough. We had a mold inspection done and was advised they would have to gut the tiny house back to the studs, rafters, and subfloor. We watched them throw all our hard work into a pile and all of our belongings into a trash trailer. They “cleaned” what they claimed we could save. We  moved into a hotel. After the remediation company was finished, I still reacted to the house immediately. The owner of the company told me it was psychological and I was imagining things. Another told me he could always smell mold and there was none there. An environmental hygienist company tested the property. We had several types of mold with high Asp/pen post remediation. We filed bankruptcy… Next, we moved into a rental that we fell in love with. But, we were still sick every single day. I was the sickest, still. My husband was still having personality changes, weight loss, and memory issues. Our sons were sick every day. We thought it must be detox, or Covid again, it anything but mold. We were wrong. Our rental had mold in the crawlspace, floor joists, insulation, and subfloor. It was also in the HVAC. We moved into a small camper which ended up having leaks and mold in it. We just keep getting sicker. My son started having neuropathy and problems with his hip and leg. We developed allergies to everything, now indoors and out!! Going outside causes swelling, rash, hives, itching, and histamine reaction. The doctors offer no assistance or real answers. We have frequent urination, excessive thirst, memory issues, personality changes, suicidal thoughts and ideation, chronic headaches, and coughing, itching, fatigue, and general malaise. Our health is a wreck and we’re too sick to work enough to support ourselves. We cannot find clean housing. We’re currently living in a camper with leaks and mold. Medical doctors have been unable to help us. We are desperate for wellness and a clean, safe home. We have Alpha One Antitrypsin Deficiency, a genetic lung and liver disease. I have the worst form, which is ZZ and means I have no lung protection. Having a clean home is imperative for us since we have A1AD. We covet your prayers!

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