Emily Rachal

Malachi's Message Co-Founder/Board Director

She's Been There

Emily and her family have walked through mold, they know what it’s like!

She is in the Industry

Emily and her husband Josh are the founders and owners of Texas Mold Inspectors.

She Has a Passion for the Mold Autism Connection

Emily’s son was given the diagnosis of being Autistic after being in a toxic environment. He no longer has that label attached to his health.

Our Story 

Emily studied Journalism in Austin, TX. before she found her passion in helping people build and or customize their perfect home. She loved everything about real estate, that is until she and her family became victims to their homes toxic indoor environment.

Her family suffered greatly and lost their second son Malachi, whom this foundation is in memory of.  He inspires her to help people the way she wished someone could have helped them. 

She and her husband Josh, since their mold exposure, have dedicated their life to helping mold victims through their company Texas Mold Inspectors in the Houston, TX area. She is also one of the founders of Malachi’s Message and serves in the capacity as Board Chair.  To know more see her story here.