Elizabeth Cripe

Malachi's Message Co-Founder/Executive Director

She's Been There

Elizabeth and her family have walked through mold, they know what it’s like!

She can Empathize

Due to Toxic Mold Elizabeth now battles multiple Auto-immune conditions that have forever changed the way her family does day to day living.

She has a Passion for Grief

Elizabeth’s education background in Psychology has helped her understand how pivotal grief is to the healing process.

Our Story

Elizabeth studied Psychology in California, TX. She also completed her Teaching Credential Program in California, TX. She taught Junior High, High School and Continuation High School students for seven years before becoming a Stay at home Mom.

Her family moved to Texas for a better life and new job for Elizabeth’s husband. After their second daughter turned one, they moved into the apartment that set them on their mold journey.

Elizabeth and Derrick for a short time were homeless and had no savings left to spend. They knew after recovering that helping people, in the position they had been in, was their only option. Elizabeth’s life was forever changed with the diagnosis of MCAS, PCOS and Celiac disease due her mold exposure.

Elizabeth is not only a Co-founder of Malachi’s Message, but also serves in the capacity of Executive Director. For more on her story click here.