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About Casey McCurry

Casey is an Executive Assistant at WithersRavenel as well as holding the position of,  “Caseload Intake” for Just Well Law. Casey has experience with Military Housing and is a passionate woman who is a powerhouse of a mamma and wife.

Casey knows how important a mattress is after losing everything. It was a cherished gift when the Dreams 4 All Foundation gifted her family mattresses. 

Casey connected Malachi’s Message to the Dreams 4 All Foundation as she wanted to ensure everyone going through mold, could get off the ground and into a bed. 

The McCurry Mattress Project

Could you imagine sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag and then getting up and going to work, day after day? Or having your child embarrassed to invite friends over because their room does not have a bed or toys?

When a person is exposed to toxic mold, they can be exposed to mold spores and mycotoxins. Mold spores and mycotoxins like to settle in  porous items, things like mattresses,  etc. Most people become ill and are given the recommendation by a medical professional and/or other professionals in the industry, to dispose of porous items. This is done with the intent of ensuring that there is no cross-contamination and with the desire to see a person be able to heal.

In partnership with Dreams 4 All, Malachi’s Message will have new or unused (sanitized and sealed) name brand mattresses and bed frames delivered. All will be given to families who have lost everything to mold exposure.  

Casey's Hair Cut

Casey has generously agreed to donate her hair being cut! For every $500 raised, towards the McCurry Mattress fund, Casey will cut 1″ of her hair.
The official cutting will happen at the Mattress Unloading and will be aired live!

Live Announcement Explaining the Project

Casey McCurry Interview