On December 31, 2020 I (Kyle) suddenly started having mysterious symptoms including heart palpations, neurological issues, and severe weakness. I couldn’t sit up for more than just a few minutes at a time without symptoms flaring up. After months of doctor’s appointments, blood tests, urine tests, we finally received a diagnosis of mold toxicity.

Gabby has had minor respiratory symptoms for years, but the neurological issues didn’t hit us until this last year. I was bedridden until May 2021, then slowly added about 1,000 steps per day each month. In August I started a remote job while taking care of Gabby. Her neurological symptoms (severe weakness, shortness of breath) began in February 2021 and have persisted.

Why do we need help?

Gabby had to quit her job in February 2021 due to not having the strength to work and take care of me. I lost my job in May 2021. We moved out of our apartment after the winter storm in Feb 2021 and have been living with family/friends since. Due to the severity of the mold in our previous apartment we have had to get rid of 99% of our things . In March 2022 we were finally able to move into a small, clean home of our own. I’m working as much as I can to keep up with the treatment bills and house payment. Gabby has shown a little bit of improvement since being here. On a good day she can come grocery shopping with me or maybe cook a meal at home. We are seeking help with paying for treatments and taking the necessary steps to ensure this home is clean/safe for us (as we have become severely sensitive).