Hi! My name is Katelyn Kaske. I am a single mother and a current law student.

In July 2021, I moved into a rental home with my son; by August 2021, I was in the ICU for respiratory failure. At the time, nobody could determine my illness’s cause. I was a perfectly healthy and active 28-year-old. I had to leave the hospital with no confirmed diagnosis.

In December of 2021, I was sick again, and shortly after, I found mold in my master bathroom. My landlord assured me that it had been remedied, and I remained in the home until June 2022. In June 2022, I was hospitalized again for two weeks due to mold exposure. I never went back to the house after I was released.

Upon my release, I went to a mold-specialist doctor. However, because I am currently on Medicaid (due to being in law school), my insurance wasn’t accepted. I have now accumulated over 2K in expenses from that doctor. He has recommended treatment, but it will cost over 2K, and I cannot afford it due to living off student loans.

Before coming to law school, I was a Child Protective Services Investigator. I saved as much as possible from that job before coming to law school. However, now all my savings have been depleted.

I am grateful for my health today and that the mold did not affect my son.
Any donations would go directly to the recommended treatment and my medical expenses.

I really appreciate any help being offered, and I am so grateful for this organization. Thank you!!!