Jim Kinser
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This experience the last 18 months has been the most horrific experience in my year life!

I moved into the Orion apartments to start anew and be able to utilize being right on the park for the disc golf, walking trails and dog parks. I had planned to get myself in shape and enjoying the new lease I had on life!!!

Never did I expect to have such a mismanagement and neglectful handling of this mold situation from the beginning to end…It took from February 17th to May 26th of 2021 for the water damage/mold issues to supposedly be corrected.

Only then to find out that they never did anything to the foyer closet and on September 8th when I opened the closet door, I was greeted with a complete closet engulfed with black toxic mold!!! And then when the corrections were just replacing the padding and painting over the water soaked/stained areas, totally neglecting to correct the foyer closet, not following up with any remediation work for the carpet or HVAC systems and when they did remove the foyer closet mold infested drywall, NONE of the mandatory remediation techniques or safety precautions were followed. The infested drywall was just ripped down, thrown on the foyer floor while I sat in the office immediately adjacent to the foyer without any regard to my or even the contractor’s health as he was working without any protective clothing or mask!!!

I used to be a general contractor and did minor mold remediation abatement
so I’m very much aware of what the law requires and nothing even close was performed.
My health started deteriorating in August of 2021 when a cough started and I began having some sinus issues…things gradually got worse until I finally couldn’t take any more and went to my Primary Care in October 2021for an evaluation. She felt that I possibly had toxic mold poisoning and referred me to an ENT and Infectious Disease Doctors who confirmed that is what I did have!!!

From that point on my life was a pure hell as I began suffering from the following conditions listed below and wasn’t able to exercise (gained 38+ pounds),, was missing work, and struggled daily to be a functioning individual which is a complete 180 degree turn for me:
Abdominal Issues (pain, diarrhea, vomiting and bloating)
Bleeding of the nose, gums or lungs
Brain fog (difficulty focusing)
Burning sensation in the nose, throat or chest
Changes in mood
Constant chest colds or sinus infections
Cough and postnasal drip
Coughing, but more so at night
Dry cough
Dry, scaly skin
Eye irritation (watering, red eyes, itching)
Fertility related problems (ED)
General malaise/feeling overly tired even with rest
Markedly noticeable weight gain/loss and increase thirst.
Memory loss and confusion.
Mood swings
Muscle and Joint pain.
Numbness in extremities
Rash/blisters/dry skin
Runny or stuffy nose
Shakes or trembles
Sore, dry throat
Various diseases, and infections (Bronchitis, Reye’s Syndrome)
Wet cough (with mucus or blood)
Wheezing or difficulty breathing
Additional Symptoms? List below:
Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
Excessive Thirst
Constant feeling of being bloated

I truly felt like death warmed over and wouldn’t have wished how I felt on even my
worst enemy!!! My 2021/2022 are absolutely the worst time I ever had in my life as I’ve always been an energetic, focused, determined, always on the go type of person and this mold toxicity stripped every ounce of that out of me!
I had to throw out just about all of my belongings, furniture, etc. as it wasn’t able to be remediated and have suffered an unbelievable financial hardship with replacing those items, having to pay for all medical treatments, medicines, etc. as mold toxicity poisoning isn’t covered by insurance!!!

I want to make sure that no one else ever goes through what I’ve gone through and I’m concerned about the other people in the complex that suffered, had the same totally inept handling of the situation and may even have some of these symptoms but haven’t had it diagnosed!

I know someone was moved into my apartment approximately 2 weeks after I moved out so I’d bet very little, if any remediation, was performed on that unit and those individuals in there are just a time bomb waiting to have medical issues!

I want someone to be held accountable for this as I don’t want this type of neglect, incompetence, lack of caring and total disregard for the legal requirements of how
to handle mold to be able to happen to anyone again!!!

Thank you so much for reading this and I pray your generosity will help myself and others being assisted by Malachi’s Message!!!

God Bless!!!

Jim Kinser

PS: My photo is during the height of my Toxic Mold Poisoning where I had put on 48lbs and was completely wiped out and felt like death warmed over!!!

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