We want to encourage our families, in recovery, as they pursue their healing journey. We 100% believe that the healing journey is wholistic and that the furniture we help replace is a part of their healing process. Not only through relieving the financial burden of replacing furniture but also in the type of furniture that is placed in their new safe or temporary housing; after fleeing their toxic homes. Each family deserves a to know that both they and their children are in safe, toxic free homes, to the best of their ability. As we partner with families who are pursuing this mission, we want to ensure that the furniture we provide is also partnering on this healing journey. We believe that using Ikea products help us meet this mission. 




25 Years ago Ikea phased out PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

In year 2000 Ikea phased out brominated flame retardant

IN 2016 Ikea phased out PFAS

Ikea has banned the use of chrome in leather production

Ikea has adopted a strict policy of avoiding the use of biocides

By 2030 Ikea plans to become 100% circular 




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There will be a day when toxic mold is recognized and people won’t need financial assistance.

Until that day, help us give hope, through assistance, to one family at a time.