Personal Campaigns

All Campaigns displayed on this page, are individuals, couples or families who have been accepted for Assistance through Malachi’s Message and have chosen to share their story. We know that often times it is easier to donate to a family, person or couple that you can see and know more about. 

Hester Family (Amount Needed: $3000)

A Note from the Hester Family, “We just moved out of our brand new home ( 1 year old) due to water damage molds including toxic black mold, stachy. This was the third house we had to evacuate in the last two years, and the third time we have had to get rid of nearly all of our belongings (this time all we saved was our wedding bands and cell phones. literally got rid of everything else.) My two kids have developed PANS and CIRS. My husband and I have health issues including CIRS as well but our kids are our top concern as they are greatly effected by it neurologically. We are currently awaiting a quote for remediation, and living in an RV until (if) our house is safe enough for us to move back in.”



Piper Family - Fully Assisted

The Piper family is a family who’s story with mold includes caring for an Alzheimer’s grandparent, PANS/PANDAS, the loss of material items and of multiple vehicles.    

Sparks Family Assistance

For the past 25 yrs, our family has persevered through many trials. My husband and I were stationed on a military air base in Japan as newlyweds and my health went south while living and working in old WWII buildings. Our newborn, born while there, had issues from the very beginning. It only continued stateside while the disabilities increased and docs told us to get used to it and there’s nothing they could do. To this day, the kids and I have have neurological disorders like auto-immune encephalitis, ODD, OCD in addition to MCAS, major mitochondrial and muscle weakness, learning difficulties, and more. We’ve been through a lot while building our sweet family of 6. Tourette disorder has been a challenge through-out in all three boys and this year our 17 yr old daughter started. It’s very odd for a teen to start ticking that late in life and it’s all due to the mold. My chronic dizziness waxed and waned for 20 yrs while trying to be a productive mom and wife with no diagnosis. It was absolutely debilitating.

Our hunt for root causes finally began a few years ago after caregiver burnout and caring for my terminally ill aunt. My full body tremors were the last straw. After what seemed like endless doctors, a friend told us about a genetic doctor who absolutely saved our lives. Things were looking more hopeful but there was still something not quite right. We couldn’t fully heal and this year my husband’s health deteriorated before our eyes with major heart blockages, heat intolerance, inflammation and could barely get out of bed. My kids’ mental status weakened even more than before and I remained in constant pain and couldn’t think straight. We were all very weak, couldn’t think, and couldn’t function. Finally we did a mold inspection and the inspector said our home that we’ve lived in for 10 yrs was so bad with mold that we needed out immediately. After the kids lost several key family members this year and close to losing Daddy, now they lost their beds, their toys, everything they knew and loved that makes them feel comfortable and feel secure as they battle encephalitis. Our kids’ ages are now 8, 13, 17, and 23 and they helped us trash 75% of our belongings and 99% of our furniture. We are slowly feeling better physically day by day but due to our financial burden, we no longer have the means for medical treatment to get rid of the mold in our blood and calm down the brain that causes major meltdowns. We desperately need neurofeedback and ozone treatments. We are forever thankful to you donors, Malachi’s Message and especially our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for seeing us through! Your love and support mean everything to us!



Sparks Family - Toy Replacement


“My wife is 6 weeks pregnant and has streptococcal toxic shock syndrome and a staph blood infection which has caused a mass (2cm by 1cm) on the left side of her brain. We’ve been living in a house with 200 mill spores per colony, and the toxins have shown in our blood tests. We are a family of 5 and all need immediate detoxing!

Briana was unable to keep anything down, including water, for three days. She had a seizure and passed out in the bathroom causing her to fall and hit her head. We called 911. Two days later Briana called 911 for me, while she was still in the hospital. It felt as if my organs were shutting down. My entire body felt numb and I had a tingly sensation all over. It reminded me of hypoxia. After blood work, it showed my liver is under attack. And now it’s moving up to my lungs and heart.

We currently need resources to pay for our necessary treatment at the Mold Treatment Center in Dallas (see One step will be undergoing a 10 hour session each (maybe more) in the oxygen chamber.

The rest of our family will be joining us in Dallas and in the healing process. We have a 6 year old girl, Thelia Ashley-Kay Frazier and a 3 year old boy, KingIAM Emery John Frazier. My mother, Kelley Epps, will also be joining as she has been and will continue to be a big help taking care of the kids while Briana and I get healthy.” Emery Frazier