Families and Individuals YOUR Donations Are Supporting

The individuals, couples and families shared on this page are just some of the amazing humans that Malachi’s Message has had the opportunity to impact. They have bravely chosen to share their faces and stories in an effort to spread awareness and to help raise necessary funds for their ongoing support and to be a voice for others on this journey. Your continued support as a donor facilitates OUR efforts to help victims of mold toxicity during their most vulnerable season of life.

We can’t thank you enough for considering their stories as you learn about our organization and the tremendous weight each and every donation holds for a survivor. 

Meet the Sparks Family

Barbie and her husband were stationed on a military air base in Japan as newlyweds when her health began to decline. They were living and working in old WWII buildings, and their newborn developed health issues immediately after birth. After moving stateside, their disabilities increased, and doctors told them to get used to it, that nothing could be done.  To this day, Barbie and her children have neurological disorders like auto-immune encephalitis, ODD, OCD, as well as MCAS, major mitochondrial and muscle weakness, learning difficulties, and more. They’ve been through a lot while becoming a sweet family of six. They simply couldn’t fully heal and Barbie’s husband’s health deteriorated before their eyes – major heart blockages, heat intolerance, inflammation and he could barely get out of bed. Their children’s mental status weakened even more than before and Barbie remained in constant pain and couldn’t think straight. They finally realized they needed to do a mold inspection and the inspector said their home of 10 years had such high levels of toxic mold that they needed to vacate immediately. The family lost their beds, toys, everything they knew and loved that made them feel comfortable and feel secure. Today, they are on the path to healing, and slowly rebuilding their furniture and belongings thanks to support from generous donors via Malachi’s Message. Barbie feels much better and is incredibly thankful for those who have contributed towards her children’s toy replacement funds and furniture purchases.

Meet Alisa

Meet Alisa and her family. The apartment home she shared with her children is positive for toxic mold, and caused illness for her family. A single mother that works and attends school, and a survivor of domestic violence, Alisa never imagined that she would become ill and experience the serious impacts of mold while she was attempting to rebuild her life in Texas. Like many others, she was unaware of what mold can do to the body and its negative effects on health. Unfortunately, the apartment community did not resolve the mold issue and instead painted over the walls. As a result of this exposure, her son has to receive shots to support his lung health, and they are all doing their best to regain their health.

Meet Dana

Meet Dana. Her story began in 2016 when she developed pain in her hands and neck paired with hands and feet going numb. Despite surgeries and a diagnosis of TMJ, she continued to suffer with no resolution to her pain. She slowly started to develop migraines and extreme fatigue that forced her to step away from her job. She could not sit or stand for more than 15 minutes without severe back and rib pain. She became sensitive to temperature changes as well as smells and clothing, was constantly feeling dehydrated, and suffered from bladder issues despite drinking plenty of fluids. Brain fog took over and she struggled to form sentences and to find words, and suddenly bruises were appearing on her body. Two pages worth of symptoms listed on paper and her doctor dismissed her telling her it was all stress related. She suffered for six years, had to file bankruptcy from living off credit cards and being unable to work, and like many mold victims, lost friends and family who simply didn’t understand what she was going through. 

Prior to all this she was extremely healthy and active living her dream life in Hawaii. She coached others on how to live their dreams and the importance of a stress free life. She went from a vibrant entrepreneur in her early 30’s to gaining ten pounds a year and feeling like she was ninety years old while still in her late 30’s and now mid 40’s. Now that she knows she has mold Illness, she will tell you it’s horrendous what this disease can steal from you.

She couldn’t understand what was happening and after being passed from doctor to doctor and diagnosis to diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, myofascial syndrome, occipital neuralgia and only options given was pain medicine she began to believe that maybe stress was truly her problem and she was creating all this illness herself and succumbed to believing she would live like this forever.

She finally connected with a functional medicine doctor and discovered that she has extremely high mycotoxin mold levels and her MMP9 marker was off the charts. She has confirmed mast cell activation syndrome, leaky gut, sibo and Candida. She’s been informed that her symptoms are from long term mold exposure and she has at least one to five years of detoxing ahead of her. There’s no way of knowing the exact timeframe as everyone’s process and colonization are different.

Her current needs involve finding safe housing, securing funding for her treatments, and the ability to get back on her feet so she can begin to provide for herself again. Treatment for mold illness, CIRS, and detox is incredibly expensive and not covered by insurance. Dana is one of many, many individuals on the waitlist with Malachi’s Message that desperately needs assistance to begin rebuilding their lives.

Meet Kyle and Gabby

On December 31, 2020, Kyle suddenly started having mysterious symptoms including heart palpitations, neurological issues, and severe weakness. He couldn’t sit up for more than just a few minutes at a time without symptoms flaring up. After months of doctor’s appointments, blood tests, urine tests, he finally received a diagnosis of mold toxicity.

Gabby has had minor respiratory symptoms for years, but the neurological issues didn’t hit her until this last year. She was bedridden until May 2021, then slowly added about 1,000 steps per day each month following. Her neurological symptoms, which included severe weakness and shortness of breath, began in February 2021 and have persisted.

Gabby had no choice but to quit her job in February 2021 due to not having the strength to work, and Kyle lost his job in May 2021. They eventually were able to leave the apartment that had caused them so much illness, but due to the severity of the mold, they have had to get rid of all of their belongings to prevent contamination and prolonged illness. 

In March 2022 they were finally able to move into a small, clean home of their own. Kyle is working as much as he can to keep up with the high cost of treatments and maintain their living expenses. Gabby has shown a slight improvement since moving into a healthier space. Support from Malachi’s Message and its generous donor base would assist them on their healing journey. 


Sparks Family - Toy Replacement

Piper Family - Fully Assisted

The Piper family is a family who’s story with mold includes caring for an Alzheimer’s grandparent, PANS/PANDAS, the loss of material items and of multiple vehicles.