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Every donation makes a HUGE impact! Help those going through the overwhelming journey of mold exposure through your one-time donation. 

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Monthly donations help build a sustainable platform for Malachi’s Message future. Help those experiencing the impact of mold exposure through your monthly donation.

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Would you feel more comfortable donating directly to a family in need? All of the individuals on our Waitlist have the option of creating their own Personal Campaign. Donate today, to help a family of your choosing.

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The WHO stated that up to 50% of the homes in the US, have the conditions for mold exposure. Do you know someone who has or is part of that 50%? If so, you know the pain and loss that exists. Donate today, in honor of someone.

Those that have been honored are listed below, on this page.


Military Families Matter Fund

Did you know that there are multiple military bases, with multiple families that have filed lawsuits; due to toxins, mold exposure and other environmentally toxic issues? These families have served our country and are struggling to find safe environments to live in.

Did you know that many of these families cannot pursue legal action without a licensed mold consultant assessment? Malachi’s Message offers $1000 to military families, to hire a licensed mold consultant of their choice.

Did you know that when a person gets a good night sleep that their immune system releases inflammation fighting cytokines? This is important for everyone and more so for those who are experiencing high levels of stress or are healing from an illness. Most people exposed to mold fall into both categories.

Casey McCurry is a mold survivor who connected Malachi’s Message to the 4 all Foundation, in North Carolina. the 4 all Foundation has 55 new or not used mattresses and bed frames; sanitized and sealed, ready to head to Texas. These mattresses and bed frames will go first to those on our waitlist who need them.

A good night’s sleep really does make a difference.  This fund needs total of $7000, to have the mattresses brought to Texas.


 The CIRS Support Fund

In July of 2022 Malachi’s Message partnered with Olivia Farabaugh in creating a CIRS fund. CIRS has been shown to have a direct correlation to those exposed to toxins, mold. This correlation made the partnership ideal. 

Olivia experienced mold exposure and has also experienced the overwhelming changes a life must encounter while dealing with a CIRS diagnosis. Olivia wanted to start a fund, to assist those experiencing CIRS symptoms get the medical help that they need. Malachi’s Message and Olivia connected, sensing that a partnership would make them both stronger together. 

Donation to this fund, go 100% to those on that have applied to receive CIRS assistance, up to $10,000 per month. At that point, the funds are split 80/20 between the CIRS Support Fund and Malachi’s Message.  

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