2nd Annual Pie in Face Fundraiser

Contestants Will be Announced March 1-14th

Start Purchasing Pies March 15th

Live Virtual Event June 2nd

Our 2nd Annual Pie in the Face Campaign, is our annual fundraiser for our Toy Replacement Fund. When a family loses everything to a toxic home, the first concerns are finding a new home and finding medical care. Kids in the process, often have to leave behind their belongings (toys, favorite dolls, blankets, dress up clothes etc.) Healing for a child often times begin with being able to replace these items. After the Toy Replacement fund is 100% full, the profit will go towards Malachi’s Message Mission to facilitate assisting individuals and families in the arenas of Medical Bill Assistance, Home Remediation Assistance, Mold Assessment Assistance and Mold Assessment’s for Military Families.

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