All Donations are Tax Exempt


All Donations are Tax Exempt  

One of the first things that those who move, due to a toxic environments, desire are mattresses and bed frames. However, most of the time these families end up on the ground in sleeping bags and air mattresses. 

 This is a big deal, imagine yourself or your child not getting a good night’s sleep for months at a time; and having to go to work and/or school. 

A North Carolina Non-Profit has offered to ship us 55 new or unused mattresses (sanitized and sealed) & bed-frames for those on our waitlist. 

We just need sponsors to help us raise the cost of transportation ($7000). 

As a Project Sponsor:

1. Your organization logo will go on the Fund t-shirts (worn by volunteers for unloading and delivery).

2. Be invited to attend the unloading and pick up, by those on our waitlist.

3. Be recognized on our Website as a Corporate Sponsor (see the above tiers). 

Why Your Donation Matters

Over half of the homes and buildings in the USA are said to have water damage and mold, with Texas leading the way as being the most affected state. One quarter of the USA population also is said to carry a gene that makes them more susceptible to falling ill to mold exposure.

That’s 1 in 2 homes (1 in 2 families) that may need financial assistance for remediation, potentially temporary housing and restoration of their belongings.

That is also, 1 in 4 people that may need financial assistance to restore their health, their belongings and assistance for temporary housing if they become exposed to toxic mold.

Help people affected by toxic mold by donating today!