Richard Derek Walther

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Moved to Vermont in 2020 Illness for father (Derek) began in October, 2021 After months of being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then anxiety, then a confirmed diagnosis of Neurological Lyme disease, we discovered through testing in September 2022 that we have over 5X the toxic levels of Aspergillus Penicillium mold in the home – leading to neurotoxicity. Derek’s symptoms have included severe fatigue, retinal damage to left eye, constant feelings of vertigo, digestive issues, and neurological problems. Due to this, he is unable to drive, feels uncomfortable walking or sitting, and is generally confined to the home. Children suffer from headaches, burning and itching eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat and joint pain. Mother (Lauren’s) eyes are inflamed, and the sclera has turned blue, as diagnosed by two eye doctors. She suffers from brain fog, constant sinus pain and migraine headaches because she sleeps where concentrated mold is located. When we contacted the Health Dept. in Vermont, they told us that unlike NY and NH, our state does not regulate mold remediation companies. The health department is of no use because we live in a private residence, not a public building. Finding a reputable company for remediation is difficult, as many lack the education, training, and certifications and suggest “cleaning” approaches that don’t properly remove sources of mold. Our home features energy-efficient construction (i.e. it doesn’t breathe), and windows are often closed due to cold weather, sealing in the mycotoxins and spores that have been making us sick. Further disheartening is that western medicine doesn’t acknowledge mold as a source of disease, which has resulted in a lack of success in pursuing our only means of seeking income in the form of Social Security Disability. We need a way out of this. It will cost tens of thousands for us to either move (the quickest way for our health to improve), or to properly remediate this home (which is a roll of the dice, as mold in THIS HOME is likely to return) Thank you for reading!!

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