Joshua Jackson

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Back in 2015, I began to experience some unsettling health issues. It started with occasional stomach pain, not sure if it was due to a chronic illness or simply my poor dietary choices at that time. Little did I know this was just the beginning of a perplexing journey of symptoms. As time went on, a bump appeared on the right side of my neck at the same time that I started experiencing tightness in the same location.

Seeking medical advice, I was informed that it was a lipoma, which initially provided some relief. However, the discomfort in my neck persisted, and I couldn’t shake off the tightness and pain that accompanied it. Frustratingly, no matter how many doctors I consulted or tests I underwent, we couldn’t pinpoint a cause or find a solution to the symptoms. The doctors agreed the symptoms I felt would not be caused by a small lipoma. To make matters worse, my condition continued to deteriorate. The pain and swelling spread to my jaw, throat, and chest, accompanied by muscle spasms and troublesome gut issues. These symptoms became so severe that they significantly impacted my experience while studying abroad in Japan. Participating in activities became a struggle as the pain limited my ability to fully engage and enjoy my time abroad and in any activity. Amidst the ongoing challenges, I was hit with another blow—kidney stones. It seemed they were the result of a diet high in oxalates and perhaps my exposure to certain fungi. The pain intensified, compounding the complexities of my already troubled health.

I started experimenting with dietary changes. I eliminated gluten and added sugar from my meals, hoping it would alleviate some of my discomfort. Cutting out these elements did provide some respite from the pain in my throat and jaw. However, it was not a permanent solution. Chest pains and the additional pain of a varicocele in my groin area started plaguing me. I was then confronted with chronic sinusitis, which brought along its own set of challenges. Pain, pressure, and a rash on my nose added to the torment I endured daily. It felt as if a burning sensation had taken hold not just in my upper nose and head but also in various parts of my body, leaving me yearning for answers and relief…as usual. Chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and the inability to engage in regular exercise became a frustrating reality.

My once active lifestyle was now hindered by an overwhelming sense of physical exhaustion and weakness. I also began to experience eye pain, along with a floater in my left eye. It was yet another addition to the growing list of health issues that plagued me. And so, my story continues, as I persistently navigate this journey, hoping for answers, relief, and the restoration of my once vibrant and healthy self.

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