Alyssa Jean-Paul

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My journey began in July of 2022 when I visited my family in New York. I got a rash. Then what started as a rash quickly turned into an open wound with a secondary infection. Upon returning home, I was prescribed antibiotics to heal what I now believe to be caused by candida overgrowth. However, my health continued to deteriorate. In September, I developed food intolerances, stomach pain, and digestive issues. The following month, I went to the emergency room for chest pains, body aches, headaches, and sinus congestion. Despite waiting until 3am, my blood tests and X-rays came back normal, and I was sent home with no answers. This experience triggered my first panic attack, and I was later diagnosed with panic disorder and prescribed antidepressants. Those were the only answers the doctors I had seen could rationalize. In November, I saw a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with an ulcer, which required antacids. My once-active lifestyle , working out 6 days a week was now a distant memory, and I found myself bedridden with no energy to do anything.

In January of 2023, my doctor suggested getting an emotional support animal, so I got a rescued dog. However, even taking her on walks became a struggle due to body aches and pains. In February, I got more body aches and sinus congestion. I was given antibiotics, which provided some temporary relief. However, my health took a turn for the worse in March. I experienced excruciating back pain, a rash, lumps on my leg, and swollen lymph nodes. Despite undergoing an X-ray and various tests, nothing seemed to be off. Eventually, I was diagnosed with hidradenitis, an autoimmune condition that causes chronic inflammation of the skin. But it didn’t explain my other symptoms.

Since then, I have been bedridden for days at a time due to extreme pain, making it nearly impossible for me to work or pursue my dream of working with animals. Despite seeking medical help, I was left with no answers. Frustrated, I began researching on my own and discovered mold toxicity and CIRS. Suddenly, everything began to make sense. When I was eight years old, I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that causes chronic inflammation of the retina and ultimately leads to blindness. At the time, doctors believed that I had contracted the disease due to a vaccine injury from the rubella vaccine I received as a baby.

When I was treated briefly by a naturopathic doctor, it was discovered that I had high levels of heavy metals and toxins in my blood. After researching the biotoxins released by mold, I began to wonder if the heavy metals and mold exposure were both contributing to inflammation in different areas of my body due to the genetic mutation of the HLA DR/DQ gene that causes CIRS. It seemed like a possibility that they could be connected or very similar. In 2019, I moved into a new apartment, and by 2020, I had experienced mold growth and exposure. I’ve had mold growing in the Ac unit, on the walls, and in windows.

I can’t afford the move to get out of the environment due to not being able to work. While living in the same apartment with my family for almost five years from age 19 to 23, my health had continued to deteriorate over time. Despite my best efforts, including working out, eliminating sugar from my diet, and taking supplements and vitamins, my health continued to worsen without any improvement. While conducting my research, I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring Olivia Farabaugh, who shared her experience with CIRS. As she spoke about her journey, I found myself relating to every word, especially when she discussed the impact on her mental health. Later, I discovered that she had partnered with Malachi’s Messages to assist individuals who suspect they have CIRS but are struggling to afford testing and treatment, just like me.

After accumulating over a thousand dollars in medical bills, the opportunity for financial assistance lifted my spirits and gave me hope for recovery. I am incredibly grateful to be on the waiting list for this assistance, and it warms my heart to know that there are people out there willing to help a stranger in need. I share my story with the hope that it will inspire others to spread love and kindness, and perhaps even help anyone going through a similar struggle..

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