Brickelle Berson

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I have now been dealing with the medical issues from the confirmed black mold for almost a year. I still am extremely I’ll and have difficulty daily just living life, working, and have no quality of life whatsoever. I still struggle making it through every single day mentally and physically from this exposure, making it difficult to even keep my job. I presented this issue when I first moved to the apartment in January 2022 but they denied the fact it was mold that I showed them. I continued to get weaker and sicker as time went on, even being hospitalized twice and taking almost 400 hours off work from January until June, most without pay. I had no choice but to return to work so I would not be terminated. I was so sick daily and had to struggle through each day, which continues still to date. I just got to a dr. that is detoxing mold from my body last month but he advised me it will take at least 9 months minimum or more for this to occur. I was able to get him to agree to invoice me because I couldn’t afford the bill since no insurance will pay for this type of treatment resulting from mold even though this is one of the worst sicknesses possible and takes an eternity to alleviate. A year later, I can barely function still. I have tens of thousands in bills since I was out of work and all my clothing is still in remediation since I owe $4500 in order to retrieve it. They said I have 3 days before they dispose of it. I had to buy new bed sofa and other items as well, leaving me destitute. I am asking for help with the medical bills, medication, remediation funds, clothing allowance, and lodging expenses I paid since I couldn’t locate ve in the apartment because it was deemed uninhabitable by licensed mold inspector. I had to use my own funds to pay for mold inspection and mycotoxins testing for my body which showed over 3X above toxic levels- which was $1200… I spent every cent I had and got to a point I had no food, continuing to have to call family begging them to send money to be able to get new apartment and to even eat daily. I know it’s still a long road ahead of me but eventually this will end and I will heal but with your consideration of assistance, it would truly help me get through this difficult journey. Thank you and I much appreciate your consideration.

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