Malachi’s Message Foundation wants to be a glimmer of Hope for people, who have been affected by toxic mold; the angel that provides them with assistance. Malachi’s Message offers seven categories of assistance, for those tackling the realities of toxic mold. People must have proof of a mold assessment; before applying for any of the other forms of assistance. People may also only apply for one form of assistance at a time. 


How Does the Process Work?

When you click on the “Learn More” Button, you will go to each Fund’s Landing Page. 

From here we ask that you carefully go through the checklist of what you will need to apply for the specific application that you are pursuing. 

Once you have the require documents and information apply! 

If we do not have the funds at the time of your potential acceptance, you will be added to a waitlist for assistance. 

Applications are reviewed once a week on Friday’s and responses will be emailed out no later than the following Monday.