Alisa Charles

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My name is Alisa Charles apartment complex has toxic mold in it. It is also making me an my two child who are both special needs children. This has really been very hard. I work and go to school. I also take care of my two special needs children. I was a victim of domestic violence which resulted in me moving to Texas, but never would I imagine something like this. I also never knew how serious mold was. I also see thst there are not much laws in place to protect people from toxic mold exposure in Texas. My son has to take a special type of shot since his lungs were not clearing up. My apartment complex has really not fixed the problem. I also have a mold report as well an the levels are very high. They also sent in workers that painted over everything. I have video proof of everything. I have been sitting in my car until they work in the apartment because they wanted me to sign a waiver to release them of all responsibility. They also knew about the mold as well.

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